#1041 Use Case: Modelling Equipment consisting of more than one relationship hierarchy.

Sanket J Tue 28 Feb 2023

Team, My name is Sanket Jayswal from 75F. We are evolving the functionality of our Haystack-based Domain Modeler (tool that supports and comply with Haystack 4 ideology.

I need some information in terms of the use case where equips are modeled more than the Level 1 hierarchy of relationships and are regularly getting used in our Haystack community. Note that I am just looking for equip level hierarchy, i.e. parent equipment and child equipment.

A few examples I got from Protos are:

  1. Plant-->Chiller Plant equip-->Pipe Equip
  2. Plant-->Boiler Plant equip-->Pipe Equip, etc..

Do we have more use cases other than those mentioned in protos equipment?

Brian Frank Tue 28 Feb 2023

It can happen anytime there is an equipment that contains conduits (pipe or duct):


Although from what I've seen most people tend to flatten the model:


Ducts have dampers/fans. And pipes have valves/pumps which can result in nesting.

Sanket J Wed 1 Mar 2023

Thanks, Brian for the response, do we have some sort of data or understanding on what number (%) of community members are going beyond the level 1 hierarchy and what (%) of members stick to flatten hierarchy?

Leroy Simms Thu 2 Mar 2023

I always model plants as multi level. Air handlers are based more on their complexity/data points available. For example if an ahu's fan only has command and status points I would leave it flat, but if the fan has a VFD with lots of points I split it out as a sub-equip. I use helper functions in my queries to deal with these variations.

I would suspect a similar approach is used by most in the community.

Sanket J Sat 4 Mar 2023

Thanks, Leroy for your response.

Currently, our tool Haystack Domain Modeler tool does support up to level 1 hierarchy i.e. Parent equip --> Sub-equip.

I am looking for some sort of utilizing data from community members effectively building models with more than Level 1 hierarchy.

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