#1037 Energy/Water Usage Type Tag

Pouya Ghadimi Tue 14 Feb 2023


Just wanted to ask if there is an existing Haystack model/tag for categorising the energy/water usage type.

For example grouping energy consumption to HVAC, Lighting, Power, Refrigeration, ... and even go one further step to have sub categories under each for example: under HVAC we might have Chiller, Boiler, AHU, ...

Paul Quinn Wed 15 Feb 2023

I have a client that went fairly deep on tagging power points on actual meters, virtual meters and equipment points.

We broke it out by broad categories like:

HVAC, Process Water, Hot Water, etc.

Sub categories include:

Fans: Discharge, Return, Exhaust, Cooling Tower, etc.
Pumps: Chilled Water, Condenser Water, Hot Water, Process Water, Irrigation, etc.
Equip: Chillers, Elec Water Heater, AHU (Dx), etc.

Most of the tags already exist. We created custom tags for our special needs.

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