#1032 Action failed: initializeHaystack

Erik Gatti Thu 2 Feb 2023

Hi everyone, first time posting. I've been using the module nHaystack on a jace 4.9 for a while. Everything was ok, I haven't encountered any problem until now. All the commands stopped working, I can't rebuild the cache, I can't add any marker, I can't use anything that comes from nHaystack. The problem it seemed to be the inizialization of the module. When I click on "initialize" this appear on the Application director:

INFO [12:35:23 02-Feb-23 CET][nhaystack] Begin initializing NHaystack INFO [12:35:23 02-Feb-23 CET][nhaystack] Begin cache rebuild. SEVERE [12:35:24 02-Feb-23 CET][sys.engine] Action failed: initializeHaystack() javax.baja.naming.UnresolvedException: Cannot resolve source component

at javax.baja.sys.BRelation.resolve(BRelation.java:399) at javax.baja.sys.BRelation.resolve(BRelation.java:384) at javax.baja.sys.BRelation.activateRelation(BRelation.java:339) at javax.baja.sys.BRelation.getEndpoint(BRelation.java:237) at nhaystack.server.Cache.processEquip(Cache.java:427) at nhaystack.server.Cache.processComponent(Cache.java:348) at nhaystack.server.Cache.rebuildComponentCache_firstPass(Cache.java:285) at nhaystack.server.Cache.rebuild(Cache.java:83) at nhaystack.server.BNHaystackService.doInitializeHaystack(BNHaystackService.java:1041) at auto.nhaystack_server_BNHaystackService.invoke(AutoGenerated) at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(ComponentSlotMap.java:1906) at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineUtil.doInvoke(EngineUtil.java:62) at javax.baja.sys.BComponent.doInvoke(BComponent.java:1260) at javax.baja.util.Invocation.run(Invocation.java:47) at nhaystack.worker.WorkerInvocation.doRun(WorkerInvocation.java:33) at nhaystack.worker.WorkerChore.run(WorkerChore.java:42) at javax.baja.util.Worker.process(Worker.java:168) at javax.baja.util.Worker$Processor.run(Worker.java:141) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748)

Does anybody know what can cause this?

Erik Gatti Thu 2 Feb 2023

Update. I've deleted all the tags, equip, sites, nHaystackService and the nHaystack moduels from the jace (basically everything that I've created that refered to nHaystack). After deleting everything and installing again the moduels and the nHaystackservice the Inizialation returned to work fine. I've recreated everything I deleted before and now it works fine. I still don't know what the problem was but deleting and recreating everything seemed to work.

Erik Gatti Wed 19 Apr 2023

Last update. It seems that the problem is related to the equips. When these are copied and pasted from one Jace to another, a link referring to the previous site is probably saved in the cache. When the jace does a cache rebuild this path blocks the process and the module stops working. If it happens the only option is to delete the equip copied from the jace. To prevent the problem just do not copy equip from other stations.

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