#1026 visualization options

Kyle Boyle Tue 10 Jan 2023

Hi there, I'm new to learning about this project. Is there an open source tool for visualizing the contains relationships in a tree like structure. I see the graph-based visualization from the shaystack project but it's not really easy to understand a site hierarchy from that.

For example, what tool is being used in the screenshot below: screen

Thanks Kyle

Georgios Grigoriou Wed 11 Jan 2023

Hi Kyle,

this is an old UI of SkySpark by Skyfoundry https://www.skyfoundry.com/

Best Regards, Georgios Grigoriou

Kyle Boyle Wed 11 Jan 2023

Ok, thank you. Are there any other GUIs for visualizing / modifying project haystack data models?

Frank Smit Thu 12 Jan 2023

other GUI is Finframework from J2 see https://www.j2inn.com but that is only for OEM.

Brian Frank Thu 12 Jan 2023

You might want to take a look at Haxall which is an open source tool that lets you load up and explore Haystack data sets. It doesn't provide a graphical UI, but it has a simple shell that lets you load data and explore the data via Haystack filters - see Import instructions under Setup to play with the example data found under /example.

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