#1017 Newbie question. How to troubleshoot with Wireshark?

Jeff Bergstedt Fri 4 Nov 2022

  1. I am new to Project Haystack, so forgive me if this is a dumb question. I did try to search the forums.

I understand about the tagging, but I also understand that Haystack is a protocol that would allow say for example, a Siemens Desigo Optic system to communicate to a Tridium Niagara N4 Jace.

Lets say I want to run Wireshark and see what Desigo Optic is doing to the Jace. I looked through Wireshark's enabled protocols and I do not see anything to decode Haystack or Project Haystack. I have Googled "Haystack Wireshark" and not found anything of use.

Chris Breederveld Fri 4 Nov 2022

Hi Jeff,

Haystack communicates through HTTP (or HTTPS), see also https://project-haystack.org/doc/lib-phIct/haystack, so you can simply use that protocol to read the communication using Wireshark.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Brian Frank Sat 5 Nov 2022

Just as Chris says - its just simple request/response over HTTP so easy to debug. The payload is most often encoded as JSON or Zinc. The protocol itself is described here

Frank Smit Sat 5 Nov 2022

In Wireshark you see that is is encoded like (text/zinc). What I do is check the api just in a browser. like this Then you directly what is availble.

Jeff Bergstedt Wed 9 Nov 2022

Thank you all for the prompt response! I now should be able to troubleshoot my issue.

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