#1012 The normalization workflow is inconsistent the tags with the normalized defs version 3.9.12

huy duong Fri 16 Sep 2022

Hello all,

I found some tags inconsistency between the source file and the normalized defs file. ex: num, equipRef, maxVal...ect

  • According to step 5: Defx of normalization workflow:

    Every defx must reference a def within its scope and must only add new tags. It is illegal for a defx to specify a tag declared by the def itself or by another defx. The exception to this rule is tags annotated as accumulate which should be aggregated into a list.

The source file of the Enum def and the Enum defx Enum

The normalized Enum def should ignore the ^point on the tagOn because there is no accumulate tag on the Enum defx.

But the Enum tag on the normalized defs file still aggregated the ^point into the list of the tagOn. enum tag

Did I miss something on the Haystack document or the normalization workflow is out of date? :(

Can someone help me clarify this point?


Huy Duong.

Brian Frank Fri 16 Sep 2022

The normalization works because the tagOn tag itself is marked as accumulate. So it the tag itself that is marked (not what it points at).

huy duong Fri 16 Sep 2022

Thanks Brain Frank,

Do you have a reference on haytack document for it?

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