#1004 Niagara nHaystack Service - Install Troubleshooting

Robin Prussin Mon 15 Aug 2022

Hi ProjectHaystack community!

Having a stubborn issue installing the nHaystack plugin on a N4.11 head end.

The core of the issue is that the plugin is not automatically tagging history objects in the platform with the "his" tag.

So when my integration code is reaching into the API, I get the /about message without issue, and the debug logs shows nhaystack service was initialized.

The slot window shows only 1 site object and no his tags.

My read "his" request gets the following response: ver:"3.0" dis:"java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.baja.sys.BRelTime cannot be cast to javax.baja.sys.BNumber" errTrace:"java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.baja.sys.BRelTime cannot be cast to javax.baja.sys.BNumber\n at nhaystack.server.TagManager.getNumberFacet(TagManager.java:976)\n at nhaystack.server.TagManager.createPointTags(TagManager.java:829)\n at nhaystack.server.TagManager.createComponentTags(TagManager.java:492)\n at nhaystack.server.SpaceManager$CIterator.findNext(SpaceManager.java:230)\n at nhaystack.server.SpaceManager$CIterator.next(SpaceManager.java:211)\n at nhaystack.server.SpaceManager$CIterator.next(SpaceManager.java:190)\n at nhaystack.collection.CompositeIterator.findNext(CompositeIterator.java:67)\n at nhaystack.collection.CompositeIterator.next(CompositeIterator.java:39)\n at org.projecthaystack.server.HServer.onReadAll(HServer.java:115)\n at nhaystack.server.NHServer.onReadAll(NHServer.java:120)\n at org.projecthaystack.HProj.readAll(HProj.java:141)\n

There is more, but you get the point with this chunk.

When I investigated the server, the owner explained it was a 4.8 recently upgraded to 4.11

I checked the tagging library and noticed the Haystack library wasn't installed. Thinking this was likely part of the problem (need tag library to apply tags) we installed the tag library and tried the nHaystack initialization and cache rebuild again, but no list of "his" points appeared.

Taking a step back we then removed the nHaystackService from the station and restarted the server. Re-installed it by dragging the nHaystack service from the palett to the station, but the result was the same.

Getting pretty bogged down here and could use some advice.

How do I generate the tags automatically?

Or what stage of the install does this take place?

I've confirmed in the software management service that the -rt and -wb jar files are loaded and installed.

Not sure what else I can check before I start making his tags manually.

Thanks very much for your support. I'll do my best to provide any debug info you request.

Digo Garcia Tue 16 Aug 2022

The latest version of the nhaystack module for Niagara 4 is v3. Looks like this was last tested against 4.10U1 Did you try the latest? https://stackhub.org/download/nHaystack/

Robin Prussin Tue 16 Aug 2022

Yes Digo, we used the latest JAR files. Thanks for replying.

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