#100 Project Haystack Wins Digie Award for Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation

John Petze Fri 21 Jun 2013

digie award

Project Haystack was awarded the Digie for Best Intelligent Building Technology Innovation at the Realcomm/IBCon conference June 12-13, 2013. Realcomm has been presenting the "Digie" Awards (short for Commercial Real Estate Digital Innovation Awards) since its first event in 1999. The award recognizes those companies, real estate projects, technologies and people that have gone above and beyond to positively impact our industry through the use of technology, automation and innovation.

The award recognized project-haystack for:

  • Bringing together industry leaders who formed an open source community in order to solve the problem of standardizing the data model for building system data over IP networks
  • Dedicated commitment to truly open, interoperable building systems
  • Creating a forum for next generation system integrators to define and share best practices

Full details on the Digie awards can be found here

Michael Johnston Fri 21 Jun 2013

Great news!

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