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#492 WG New Data Center Tag Working Group Ron Snyder (4) Mon 5 Jun
#496 WG Lab/Fume Hood Working group Gabe Sandoval Mon 5 Jun
#501 WG Flow Modeling working group Karine Lavigne Sat 10 Jun
#503 WG Access Security Working Group Justin Tashker Mon 12 Jun
#505 WG Refrigeration System Nathan Rona Sun 18 Jun
#506 WG Unitary Equipment Working Group Eric Loew Mon 19 Jun
#497 WG Chiller Plant Enhancements Working Group Sean Stackhouse (1) Fri 28 Jul
#514 WG Dry Bulb Points and The 'air' Tag Jay Herron (18) Mon 14 Aug
#494 WG Project Haystack Working Groups Matthew Giannini Mon 5 Jun