#513 nhaystack-ax 1.3.0 - Released!

Richard McElhinney Sun 9 Jul


Further to my previous post I've just posted the latest build of nhaystack for Niagara AX. The release can be downloaded here.

The only point that hasn't been achieved yet is the full integration of the Haystack 3.0 data model in nhaystack. There have been some issues with this and I'm liasing with Tridium on this. If anyone desperately needs this in nhaystack for AX please contact me via the BitBucket Repo here or on this forum.

Cheers, Richard

Eric Loew Mon 17 Jul

Good news. Thanks.

We are getting an error that may or may not be related to the new version, but here it is.

We have setup a connector in SkySpark that connects to an nHaystack instance. It is currently alternating every few seconds between "OK" and "sys::ParseErr: Invalid unit name 'in/wc' ["in/wc"] [line 98]" for the connection status/error.

Any thoughts? If this is an error with a point's unit on the Niagara side, can we make the nHaystack driver put this error on the point itself and not make the entire connector fail?

Richard McElhinney Wed 19 Jul

Hi Eric,

Do you have any output from the Niagara side that would provide further feedback when the issue occurs?



Eric Loew Wed 19 Jul

No, I am sorry I don't. I just throw it over the wall and the Niagara folks make it work or not. We did revert to 1.2.25 and it is OK now.

Richard McElhinney Today 12:19am


can you see me the full error trace you are seeing in SkySpark? Is there more information from that side?


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