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#467 BASSG Open Sources Project Builder Plus; Paves a Fast Track to Haystack Tagging

John Petze Sun 5 Feb

BASSG has just open sourced one of its most popular software tools - Project Builder Plus (PB+), for free use and development by the community. The PB+ editor makes it easy to work on large trend data files from your desktop, adding Project-Haystack tagging and custom extensions in preparation for importing data into analytics and visualization applications.

PB+ accepts building operational data as raw XML and CSV files and exports Project-Haystack-compliant ZINC files. From the editor screen you can assign Haystack tags and extend tags with batch oriented tools. PB+ has options to communicate with NHaystack, Project-Haystack’s open-source Niagara AX module, and with oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange) compatible databases. These connectors can be extended to Modbus, BACnet, and other standard building protocols.

PB+ is a very comprehensive tool developed based on over 4 years of use in real world applications. Now that PB+ is open-source, developers can create new connectors to other protocols and data sources popular in their specific domain. The Apache LuceneTM  text search engine is built-in, so that users can easily search for specific records or by specific tags in any database built with PB+.

The Open Source Project Builder Plus can be downloaded at this link

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