New Article - Introduction to Project Haystack on the New Deal for Buildings Blog

Posted by John Petze – Tue 6 Jun

Many of you may be aware of a new publication for the buildings industry called The New Deal for Buildings blog. The objective of the New Deal is to facilitate a dialog between the building systems industry and commercial building professionals -- a dialog on how we collectively think about intelligent and smart systems in buildings.

Specifically, the focus of the New Deal is to address the challenges faced by both vendors and owners as they plan for, procure, manage and maintain building automation systems that lie at the heart of modern facilities.

This weeks update include an new article on Project Haystack that provides a primer on Haystack and hopes to extend the understanding of metadata and tagging in the buildings industry. You can find the article at this link

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New Article on Project Haystack and HaystackConnect Published on ControlTrends

Posted by John Petze – Tue 30 May

This article provides a rather unique view on both the mission of Project-Haystack and the impact of the recent HaystackConnect event and the impact of the community in the Internet of Things. It's definitely worth a read.

Read the article here - Haystack-connect-and-iot-world-set-foot-on-common-ground

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Haystack Connect 2017 Was A Huge Success -- All Presentations Now Available

Posted by John Petze – Wed 17 May


On behalf of the entire Project Haystack Organization, the Haystack Connect 2017 Planning Committee, and the Sponsors and Speakers, we want to thank the attendees that joined us from across the globe and helped make this year's Haystack Connect conference an overwhelming success.

One of the most notable things about Haystack Connect 2017 was the dramatic advances and the sophistication of the work the Project Haystack Community is doing. The technical presentations, from speakers from around the world, demonstrated that the companies involved with Project Haystack are clearly on the leading-edge of applying data science to the Internet of Things for Buildings - the BIoT. The community is truly succeeding in our mission of making device data easy to work with across diverse applications with open, extensible and easy to use data markup standards.

All of the Haystack Connect 2017 Technical Sessions presentations are now available for download under each Speaker's Profile at this link

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Haystack Connect 2017 Final Technical Program Announced

Posted by John Petze – Tue 21 Mar


Haystack Connect 2017 Final Technical Program Announced

Why You Should Attend - Reason #1: The Industry’s Top Technical Program for Smart Device Data

One of the most important reasons to attend this year's Haystack Connect event is the high quality technical program - sessions by industry experts that get to the real issues and solutions in connecting to smart devices and turning their data into solutions for customers. This year's program maintains that high standard. The Haystack Connect 2017 program can be found at this link

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Read the Intel Blog Post on Haystack and its role in Breaking Language Barriers in Smart Buildings

Posted by John Petze – Wed 8 Mar

In an earlier blog post we announced that Intel had joined as a Founding-level member. This blog post by Shuo Zhang, highlights Intel's views on the challenge being addressed by Project Haystack. It's a great read.

Breaking Down Language Barriers in Smart Buildings

Shuo Zhang leads ecosystem development and channel strategy for Intel's Smart Buildings segment within the Internet of Things Group (IOTG).

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NEWS FLASH - Intel® Joins Project Haystack Organization as a New Founding Member

Posted by John Petze – Thu 2 Mar

Intel® Joins Project Haystack Organization as New Founding Member

The Project-Haystack organization is excited to announce that Intel® has joined the Project Haystack Organization as a Founding Member and will hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

Having Intel join the Project Haystack Organization is very exciting for community. As a member on the Board of Directors Intel will be a great asset as the organization continues to focus on its mission to make IoT device data self-describing and easier to use across applications of all types. We want to thank Intel for their support and look forward to working with them to continue to advance the Project-Haystack mission.

You can view the official press announcement here

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Tridium is Now a Platinum Sponsor of Haystack Connect 2017

Posted by John Petze – Fri 17 Feb

We are excited to announce that Tridium is now a Platinum Sponsor of the Haystack Connect 2017 conference.

Tridium joins the other Platinum sponsors in supporting the Haystack community and the Haystack Connect 2017 event: J2 Innovations, KMC Controls, Kodaro, SkyFoundry and Yardi as well as the Gold Sponsors: Airmaster, Cochrane Supply, and Lynxspring, and Silver Sponsors: Activelogix, BASSG, Connect Energy, Contemporary Controls, Intellastar, and IoTium.

And in related news we thank IoTium for committing to sponsor the Interoperable Blues Band (IBB) entertainment event!

See all of the sponsors supporting Haystack Connect 2017 here

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BASSG Open Sources Project Builder Plus; Paves a Fast Track to Haystack Tagging

Posted by John Petze – Sun 5 Feb

BASSG has just open sourced one of its most popular software tools - Project Builder Plus (PB+), for free use and development by the community. The PB+ editor makes it easy to work on large trend data files from your desktop, adding Project-Haystack tagging and custom extensions in preparation for importing data into analytics and visualization applications.

PB+ accepts building operational data as raw XML and CSV files and exports Project-Haystack-compliant ZINC files. From the editor screen you can assign Haystack tags and extend tags with batch oriented tools. PB+ has options to communicate with NHaystack, Project-Haystack’s open-source Niagara AX module, and with oBIX (Open Building Information Exchange) compatible databases. These connectors can be extended to Modbus, BACnet, and other standard building protocols.

PB+ is a very comprehensive tool developed based on over 4 years of use in real world applications. Now that PB+ is open-source, developers can create new connectors to other protocols and data sources popular in their specific domain. The Apache LuceneTM  text search engine is built-in, so that users can easily search for specific records or by specific tags in any database built with PB+.

The Open Source Project Builder Plus can be downloaded at this link

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Constellation Presented First Ever Haystack Award for End Users at CTA Awards

Posted by John Petze – Fri 3 Feb

We are excited to announce that Constellation was presented with the first ever end-user award for adoption of technology. The award was presented at the Control Trends Award event January 29 in Las Vegas to a packed house. See the press release here

Constellation, an Exelon company, is a leading competitive energy company providing power, natural gas, renewable energy, and energy management products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States. They provide integrated energy solutions — from electricity and natural gas procurement and renewable energy supply to energy efficiency and distributed energy solutions — that help customers strategically buy, manage and use their energy.

How Constellation Utilizes Project Haystack. Constellation uses the Haystack model extensively in their projects in two key ways. Most significantly, they use Haystack to tag data which allows them to create analytic tools that can be easily applied to different projects with similar types of equipment and data. Haystack tagging streamlines deployment of analytic tools to all their projects. 

They also utilize the Haystack REST API, both to pull in data from outside sources, as well as to export datasets into other engineering tools where they can rapidly develop and model new and custom analytics. Overall, the Haystack methodology is a core foundation of the platform that Constellation implements for all performance-period Energy Efficiency retrofit projects.

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Build 3.0.2

Posted by Brian Frank – Mon 16 Jan

We updated the website with all the new energy model tags/docs which Stephen Frank reviewed in 446.

Change Log

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