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Kind: Marker
Used With: point, unit

Electrical A/C frequency point measured in "Hz" for elec meter or a vfd.

From: VFDs | Points

The standardized points for VFDs are:

The primary on/off point of equipment is always modeled with the run tag. Paired with cmd it models the on/off command point; paired with sensor it models the run status point. Many VFDs also include a secondary enable point which requires both run and enable to be commanded to true in order for the equipment to be on.

Speed of the VFD is commanded separately via the speed or freq point. Use of these points require that the equipment has already been commanded on.

Many VFDs will also provide many of the same points as an electric meter. Measurements such as electric demand, consumption, voltage, and current should follow the same conventions as elec meters.

freezeStat gas